Art and music students are invited to work under the slogan Building bridges – connecting to a new time in projects and will organise exhibitions and perform in a variety of combined music ensembles (choir, orchestra and big band, as well as smaller chamber music). For the second edition of FAMES we will put a particular focus on an interdisciplinary approach. Art and music will join together at vernissages and performances.

In each school, preparations are to be made over the course of the year culminating in the festival, including the creation of art works for the exhibitions. A website will be set up with which to make the outcomes of the festival accessible for all European Schools. At the actual festival (15-19/03/2023) around 200-250 students from S3 – S7 are invited to participate, ideally accompanied by an art and a music teacher from their school who will provide guidance and supervise.

Each school will be able to send 4 art students and 4 music students. These students will be nominated by their school, not based on their artistic or musical talent alone, but also their ability to contribute to a creative, collaborative atmosphere; their social and personal skills might be stronger than their art/music –skills. Regarding the criteria for participation, please consult the FAMES handbook.

FAMES HANDBOOK (2018-05-D-16 Deutsch | English | Français)

Students nominated for music should have sufficient skills to be able to participate in advanced performances for choir, orchestra and big band (i.e. reading sheet music, sense of ensemble playing, discipline in rehearsals). Some existing small ensembles may also be able to participate if their members participate in choir, orchestra or big band as well. Student initiatives to create new mixed ensembles at the Festival will be encouraged. Final selection will be determined by fulfilling the criteria of a balanced instrumentation and equal representation of both genders.

Building bridges – connecting to a new time


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